Angelina Wants More Kids

angelina jolie 279
Actress Angelina Jolie is not content with the number of children she has and wants more of them. Not just that, she is reported to have made it clear that she would prefer being a mother rather than be a Hollywood actress.
Angelina is a parent to Maddox and Zahara. Recently she gave birth to her first biological child, Shiloh. Brad Pitt, her current beau, is the father of Shiloh.
Jolie is reported to have said that she loves what these little ones have brought to her life. Among the things she loves are working abroad, being with her kids and spending time with Brad.
It seems the woman in Jolie is taking roots now, or may be she did when she felt like being a mother the first time. Whatever the case be, it’s good new for sure.

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