Aniston in pain whereas Brangelina going great

jennifer aniston3

Jennifer Aniston who claims to have broken all ties with Brad Pitt and his pregnant girlfriend Angelina Jolie confessed that she is still struggling with their relationship. Jennifer seems sick of people’s interest in the love triangle and told her friend that how can they expect her to move on.

Memoirs of past life bother her. Aniston tells that she remember their anniversaries like when did he proposed to her, their first date and all the crap.

She made it evident herself that she is just sticking to Vince Vaughn for the sake of having a boyfriend. While re-shooting for ‘The Break Up’ Vince and Jen looked like a happy couple and spent many romantic evenings together, so what should I call it. Is she trying to fool herself, trying to cope with the heartbreak or is simply misguiding media by pretending to be in love.

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