Are Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony falling apart?

marc anthony falling apart 14
If grapevine is to be believed, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s marriage is on the rocks.
According to OK! Magazine, singer Marc Anthony is a “controlling” and “suffocating” husband. The magazine also reported that Lopez had to stay at a friend’s apartment in New York the last summer as the couple had picked up an ugly feud.

The magazine adds that the couple was not together on the new year’s eve. The sexy Latino diva was partying stag in a Miami bash. An unnamed friend close to J.Lo. said,

Marc expected Jennifer to follow him back to New York and beg for forgiveness, but she didn’t.

OK! Magazine reported that,

Marc is very machismo. Marc won’t let her even do a photo shoot by herself. He is always there watching, waiting.

At a Golden Globes party Marc possessively dragged Jennifer away after seeing her shake a leg with another man. He has also insisted that Jennifer sell her beloved Miami home and the Los Angeles house where they wed.

Former Hollywood publicist JJ says that Jennifer Lopez wants to back out of the relationship.


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