Are vampire facials worth the money?

Vampire facials are a new trend and also a popular with many of eh big names in Hollywood.

Vampire facials are named that way as it involves using the person’s blood on their face to enhance their complexion, but it is a bit more complex than that. The procedure itself costs about 450 GBP.

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The facial promises to rejuvenate skin and improve the regeneration process of the tissue. This involves extracting a small sample of the patients blood, separating the plasma from the blood and then re injecting only the plasma into the skin.

The treatment usually takes three hours and is meant for those who are over thirty years of age. It is also said to treat pigmentation, acne scars and jaw lines.

First the surgeon will put an anesthetic on your face, followed by cling film and you have to wait twenty minutes before the procedure beings. The cling film is removed and blood is extracted from a vein in your arm- approximately 10 cc.

This blood sample is then processed to separate into three substances, a deep red, a viscous gel and a light yellow substance.

The oxidant rich platelet plasma is then injected into the skin. It then stimulates the surrounding cells, thus leaving an increased volume, that makes the skin plump and reducing line and wrinkles in the process.


Plasma can also be used to treat burn victims and the vampire facial, also known as PRP, is used for athletes who are suffering from muscle pain. The plasma stimulates muscles recovery. It does this by rebuilding the cells quickly and strengthening the protein collagen.

This facial is not for the faint hearted, as the needles used are always five inches long and you will require over sixty injections. This is a complex machinery of two hundred staccato needles going into your skin to re inject the plasma.

You can expect your eyes to turn black if you bruise easily, once the injections are done, the assistant will wipe a soothing serum on your face and ice packs will be applied to your face.

You will also have to be patient as the results will only surface after six weeks and you also have to stick to a course of about three treatments.

This facial is also a favorite with stars like Bar Rafaeli and Kin Kardashian.

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