Is it right to air condom ads during prime time telly hours?

Condoms are something that has always been very hush- hush and talking about them has been an even bigger taboo. But people today are more open about what they do in bed and companies have begun to advertise on television.


Airing an advertisement for condoms means that all viewers will be able to see them- so many authorities have begun to campaign against them. These authorities believe that condom commercials can corrupt values and are not really appropriate to be seen in the living rooms where families often view television together.

Take for example, a catholic church in the Philippines that had approached a television asking them to remove a condom commercial as they felt that it might corrupt the values and the minds of their youth, as reported by ABS-CBN.

They have also complained that the advertisement airs during prime time when many families sit to watch television together. They have also approached the Supreme Court stating that the company should respect the views of their general public.

This protest however, seems to be a little excessive, if not futile and does not seem like the right step to take especially when the youth of today is more sexually active than they were a decade ago. The real issue lies in the way the advertisement are made- sex is something that many people still choose to keep private.


So advertising safe sex should not be done in a way that will make others uncomfortable- Trojan, the leading condom manufacturing company has figured a whole series of advertisement that keep the viewers in mind yet gently remind people why safe sex is so important. These advertisements are family centric and can be aired during prime time.

These advertisements have been directed byGavin O’Connor and they show different ways to be safe. For example, there is the “Big Date,” where a father is about to go on his third date and his son stops him and puts a condom in his pocket. There is another story where a boy misses his father and his mother tries to commiserate. She then finds a gift from her husband- a condom- and she bursts into laughter.

These advertisements are very subtle and people of a certain age will understand completely what they mean while not offending other by being too obvious.

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