Bengal’s political stars- Why the choices are real bad?

Politicians are elected by the people whom the public knows so that the candidates can look after their needs and demands when he/she wins the election. These candidates should be such persons who have a proper knowledge about politics and should have the capability to guide people and to understand their needs.

In the current Loksabha elections, parties like Trinamul Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have candidates who do not come from any political background. These candidates are mostly celebrities who come from the film industry or have a sports background. These candidates were never actively involved in politics earlier but they have been made to stand up as candidates by these political parties. These candidates don’t have any idea what they should do, or how to do in the political scenario.

For example: – BJP has Babul Supriyo, an eminent singer, as its candidate who is standing from Asansol. He has a huge fan following community and is a great singer but he has no experience at all in the field of politics. Similarly Dev Adikary, a young actor who has attained a lot of fame and popularity especially among youngsters has been made to stand from Ghatal, in Midnapore by the Trinamul Congress.

Indranil Sen, another pro singer and song writer is contesting from Murshidabad on behakf of the Trinamul Congress. Moon Moon Sen, a middle aged actress, a resident of Kolkata is contesting from Bankura for Trinamul Congress. These people are popular and experienced in their respective fields or professions but they are next to novice in the field of politics.


They are mostly residents of cities like Kolkata and they know nothing of the regional scenario or problems about the regions from where they are contesting.

The political parties have selected such people as candidates because they are famous and have huge fan followers and so automatically these diehard fans would vote only for their stars rather than for anyone else. It is like a tactic used by political parties. Even if these candidates secure the votes and win the elections they would just be like puppets in the hands of the real political heads. These candidates would only hold official positions and would have to work according the directions given by the parties’ superiors.

There is a big question mark as to how these new and fresh MP’s would function without having any basic knowledge in the political field for the well being of the people.

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