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Ajeet Bajaj, the first Indian to ski to North Pole

One more feather has been added to the Indian cap, Ajeet Bajaj, a common name in the world of electrifying and intimidating missions has become the first Indian to reach the North Pole on skis as part of a cross country skiing expedition.

40 years old…

Scared Dia Mirza flees from Rajkot

Dia Mirza, who was in Rajkot to perform for a police function, angered local BJP workers, who began shouting slogans of ‘Dia Mirza hai, hai!’

After her supportive statements favouring Aamir Khan and the Narmada Bachao Andolan, the police feared a…

Why overpopulation is good

Now do not star lynching me on this. Hear me out. I repeat: population growth could turn out to be a boon to the economy

Almost half of India’s population is younger than 25- it gives the country a potential edge over China.

China runs the threat of..

On actors, rights and goons

It is not hard to be cynical about our good old Bollywood actors. They will merrily endorse cola drinks but will never drink any brand of sweetened drink. I guess they themselves don’t know when they have crossed ‘the line’. It is fine when they take…

A Sati a year…

An old woman committed sati by jumping into the funeral pyre of her husband at a village in Bihar’s Gaya district.

Seventy-seven-year-old Sita Devi performed sati by flinging herself on the pyre of her husband Sugreev Prasad at Siddhpur village under…

Why can’t IAF pilots seek premature retirement?

The Supreme Court has issued a notice to the Centre questioning the authorities and seeking an explanation for ‘why an Indian Air Force pilot should not be permitted to take premature retirement on full reimbursement of the money spent by the government..

Kareena Kapoor to concentrate on career

Kareena Kapoor says that she has recently stopped attending Bollywood parties and is focusing more on her career now.

She claims that boyfriend Shahid Kapur has been the key to her making some drastic changes in lifestyle, which included developing a..

The actors and their wives

Veteran actor Navin Nischol’s wife Geetanjali committed suicide at the couple’s residence in central Mumbai. She hanged herself to death.

The police have found a suicide note mentioning that she was fed up of her life as Navin and his brother Pravin…

India to set up 13 dry ports at its border

India is likely to spend $200 million to set up new dry ports on its border areas, adjacent with Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan to boost trade with South Asian countries. However, to facilitate the process there are couple of things which need attention..

Narmada dam: onus is on the name

In a recent development over Narmada dam issue, Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Gujarat, has alleged that the central government has been deliberately obstructing the construction of the dam since it is not named after Nehru Gandhi family.

It is true…

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