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Say Cheese – Amul is the world’s largest veggie cheese brand

India’s top dairy co-operative Amul is now the biggest brand for vegetarian cheese as the Global Indian even now prefers desi taste over the premium Bries and Camemberts of the West.

With world-wide demands rising increasing, exports will hit a record…

Nirbhay Gujjar – Terror of Chambal silenced forever

Dreaded brigand Nirbhay Gujjar is shot dead by the Special Task Force after an encounter in the ravines of Etawah in Uttar Pradesh. The encounter took place in Chitapur village under Ajitmal Police Station.

Senior superintendent of police, STF,…

Large number of insurance claims lie unattended in Mumbai

Following the incessant rains in Mumbai that brought large scale floods in Mumbai causing colossal loss of life and property have now brought in a deluge of another kind resulting from it.

The insurers have received large number of claims due to…

Now Gandhi as a management guru

It seems the West is waking up to the teachings and philosophy of Gandhi, the modern-era saint. An increasing number of universities and colleges in the US is opening courses on Gandhian Thought. According to Savita Singh, Director of Gandhi Smriti and…

IIPM Scam: The silence of the ‘newspaper’ tigers

It has been almost three weeks that Rashmi Bansal carried out a report on IIPM’s fraud resulting in unprecedented reaction from both the blogging community as well as the IIPM camp (that also includes bloggers from the IIPM Chamcha Brigade)….

IIPM Scam: The Great Indian Nightmare!

In the last few weeks, we have been reading the news of the IIPM fraud in propaganda campaign of the institute run by Arindam Chaudhury. In fact, there hasn’t been so much about it in the print media as it has been on the Internet.

After Rashmi…

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