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Dakshina Kannada Superintendent of Police Runs a Blog

Giving fillip to the Karnataka government’s policy of e-governance, a computer-savvy Superintendent of Police of the Dakshina Kannada district, B Dayananda, has launched a blog, SPDK. The blog is aimed at keeping both media and people informed about the..

Tata Interactive Systems is here with ‘TIS Blog’

It is good to have a premier e-learning company like Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) as a co-dweller in the blogosphere, which has come up with its TIS Blog. It augurs well for the future of blogging in India, for the TIS move suggests that corporate…

Indian Tarzan: Wife-spurned man makes tree his abode

Ever heard of a human being living away in dense forests like the mythological Tarzan…surrounded by wild animals and feeding solely on wild fruits? Well, here comes one, from the Indian state of Orissa. He has been living in a tree-house, 25 feet abov

Cash-for-query scam: 11 tainted MPs thrown out of Parliament

Finally, the axe fell on the 11 tainted MPs of cash-for-query scam-fame. In an unprecedented historical move creating a parliamentary history, the Lok Sabha on Friday adopted the motion to this effect by a voice vote, following which 10 MPs were shown..

Prison bars no barriers for jailed achievers in India

Where there’s will, there’s a way. Among those to interpret and embrace the proverb in the most meaningful manner is Ashok Ray, a rape accused awaiting court verdict in the Tihar Jail. Ashok has cleared the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission…

Sting operations fail to sting the ‘culprits’

It’s disclosures, disclosures and more disclosures. Every other day, Indian electronic media has been conducting sting operations, one after another – starting with Tehelka exposures, it’s down to Operation Chakravyuha, en route Operation Duryodhana…

Taliban kills Kutty: Is the Indian life dispensable?

Raman Kutty, an Indian BRO driver abducted in Afghanistan on November 19 has been killed by the Taliban. We didn’t expect him to return alive once he was abducted by the Islamic terror outfit that ruled Afghanistan in a beastly from the mid-90s till…

Lalu Prasad Yadav: Charisma Wanes, History Remains

Lalu’s reign in Bihar has finally ended. It took 15 years – just 5 years lesser than Lalu Prasad Yadav’s own prophesy that he would rule no less than 20 years – to oust him from the seat of power in Bihar. But these 15 years seemed like eternity to not…

Who’s more insane, IPS officer-turned-Radha or system?

One doesn’t know whether to sympathise with the Uttar Pradesh cadre IPS officer Devendra Kumar Panda or condemn his conduct for bringing disgrace to the office of Inspector General of Police. Sympathise, because the man seems to have lost his sanity and..

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