Beer moves from mugs to marinades for grilled foods

beer marinades

Beer based marinades claim to add some exciting element to grilled meats and vegetables. Beer or ale is reported to add the element present in the beer. In other words, beer-based marinades introduce the beer flavors in the grilled foods. The article focuses that beer brings out the caramelized glitter and flavor of barbecued foods. In addition, the look out of beers is either complementing to the caramelized and spicy flavors of barbecued foods or contrasting with opposite flavors of beer and foodstuffs.

There are infinite choices for them who want the synergy out of the beer pairing like salmon with a hoppy beer, wild mushrooms with Weissbier, pork loin with a fruity ale and Apricot Ale with grilled pork tenderloin. Beer is no more restricted to pairing with grilled foods but the pairing has become more of an infusion in bases, marinades and sauces for grilled foods. Any pairing with beer in the sauces will end-up making the grilled food rich in flavor and moist in texture.

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