How to dress up for Valentine’s Day

All eyes are set upon this week’s squishiest day, the Valentine’s Day. A breeze of joy is running through the mind of every lover who is eager to celebrate this day. Dressing up for Valentine’s Day might be a huge concern to you, as your partner would be looking forward to it. With this in mind, we are here to ease your confusion on how to dress up for the big day.


Men’s dress up

Its winters and you should not wear something uncomfortable. For men, we suggest a dull-colored cardigan paired up with a collared shirt, for torso. Dull colors are certainly in trend and you should not think twice about wearing one. You can also wear a waistcoat on your shirt, which will make you look trendier. Pair it with corduroy pant or a blue denim jean. Do not forget to wear a watch as it enhances your dressing style. Brown colored high ankle boots will add to your style, just make sure not to put the flaps inside the jean or pant. If you have long hair keep them dry and wavy but if you have short hair apply a gel for wet look and make a spiky style.


Women’s dress up

If you want to look sexy and cool just do not overdo, you can look good even if you do not wear any make up. For the dressing up part, you can wear a full-sleeve bright colored t-shirt under a Gilet (a sleeveless jacket). Do not worry if Gilet hides most part of your t-shirt, as it would still look great. You might wear a skirt with leggings or a blue denim jean, to bring out the best in you.

A bracelet or a simple watch anything will do for the wrist part. Apply a light shade of lipstick and a thin line of eyeliner with a color that is matching your t-shirt. Give your hair a different look, you can make a puff, keep your hair open, or curl them as you like them to be. Earrings have to be Dangles, which are in trend and can boost your dressing style. Do not wear heels, as they do not get along with a casual look; just wear sport shoes or high ankle boots.

Things to Consider

Just be classy and elegant not very bright and dazzling. Be confident in every perspective, you might just ruin your dressing style if you are shy or timid. Wear a perfume for sure to give your partner a pleasant fragrance when he/she is around you.

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