The best Italian restaurants you can find in Sydney

When you think of authentic dining, some select cuisines invariably come to mind. While an authentic French cuisine means pastries, treats, and cakes decorated intricately and beautifully, an Italian cuisine offers more than just authentic Italian pasta, pizza, and all other delectable dishes. It is an experience that only an authentic Italian chef or restaurant can bring.

It is a good thing you do not need to go all the way to Italy if you want to experience it, especially if you live half-way across the world. Australia houses not just one of the best Italian restaurants in Sydney, but a whole mix of different Italian dining experiences.


Located near a wharf in the old Ripples site is LuMi Bar and Dining. This waterfront restaurant offers diners a unique mid-century Italian setting that harks an authentic Italian vibe, and textiles, timber, and concrete furnishing that echoes Japanese designs. Along with this fusion atmosphere is a delectable eight-course degustation presented creatively by Chef Federico Zanellato.


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There really is nothing like a dining experience surrounded by a gallery of impressive art work. And that is exactly what you will get at Lucio’s. Enjoy an authentic Italian experience with the host Lucio Galletto. He is able to make an art form even in directing the waiters which tables need their glasses filled up. So you would not just get your feast of food on the table, but your eyes will also be full of oil paintings and intricate geometric shapes the whole night.


This is where the traditional has harmoniously combined with modern interpretation and setting. Balla is probably one of the most popular out of all Star restaurants. Awarded for their extensive wine list and lauded for their dishes, Balla has become one of the most visited Italian restaurants in Sydney. It also offers diners a fantastic city and harbour views that truly makes the dining experience even more special.

Ormeggio at The Spit

If you want to feel as if you are transported in an Italian harbour, complete with boats bobbing on the water, then Ormeggio at The Spit is the perfect place for you. Offering diners regional Italian dishes, Ormeggio is where you will get a taste of traditional Brescian dishes. What makes the place even more welcoming is its chill and laid-back vibe that just oozes with a friendly atmosphere, perfect if you are going out with friends.

So the next time you find yourself craving for Italian dishes on your Australian trip, keep this list with you and go on an Italian food crawl you will never ever forget.

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