Best smooches Hollywood gave us

Hollywood Romances in films are the stuff that dreams are made of, it is something about the way that they are shown either against the back drop of the lead characters falling utterly in love or two long lost soul mates finding each other all over again. Some of the best kisses still give us goose bumps:


First up is Dan and Blair from Gossip Girl; these two couldn’t for the life of them figure out what was really going on in their on again- off again relationship. They kiss each other to know if any this is still there, and it pretty obvious there still is.


George and Lemon form the Heart of Dixie, may have their fair share of problems but finding time to steal kisses in between is not of them.


The Rain kiss that Allie and Noah share in ‘The Notebook’ is another sexually charged and passionate kiss. In the past decade it is one of the iconic kissing scenes, although there are plenty of sweet kisses throughout the film. The final one is a powerful one that shows all the raw desire that Noah and Allie have for each other and finally leads to passionate love making.


The upside down kiss in Spiderman is added to this list as it is unusually romantic. This scene has taken things up a notch by adding super powers that created the Spiderman embrace that made the audiences swoon. While this scene has been spoofed time and again, the original one cannot be beaten.


The Felipe and Liz kiss in Eat, Pray, Love. In this film about the journey of self discovery, Liz initially is skeptical about getting involved with Felipe, but ultimately falls for his charms.


The Truman Capote classic ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ was not intended to be a love story, so the author hated the big screen adaptation and he also wanted Marilyn Monroe to play the lead. But viewers loved this stylish film and the final scene in which Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard share a kiss in the rain in a dull alley, making it seem like as romantic as a backdrop of the ocean or a pink sun set.  


The ‘I’m flying’ kiss in the ‘Titanic’ tops them all. The kiss shared by Rose and Jack has a number of things working for it- the Celine Dion back track, the vibrant sunset, the euphoric feelings and impractical qualities all add to the magic to this big screen kiss.

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