Best Ten Wines are under $10

merlot111111111Wine’s quality is often reported to be judged by its looks and price and that makes most of the wine lovers blow bucks on a single wine instead of going for a collection of wines.

For making wine-selection easier for the consumer, an article lists out top ten wines that are less than $10. The claim made here is that though the wines are lesser than $10, yet they are perfect in flavor details, casual to serious drinking and even pairing with a variety of foods. The top ten wines under $10 are as follows:

1. CA’DEL SOLO BIG HOUSE RED – This wine from Bonny Doon Vineyards has a whacky blend of French and Italian varietals. This red wine is too good to be priced at 8.97.

2. CHATEAU GRANDE CASSAGNE ROSE COSTIERES DE NIMES – This flirty wine from the west of Chateauneuf du Pape is extracted out of 40-year-old Syrah and Grenache vines. Priced at $11.50 this wine goes great with salad or steak.

3. DONA PAULA LOS CARDOS MALBEC -This Argentinean wine is a blend of various spicy, herbal, smoky and fruity flavors. Priced at $7.49, this wine is superb for pairing with white meat.

4. CRANE LAKE MERLOT – Priced at $3.34 this wine is preferred for cooking red meats and pairing with cheese.

5. FAT BASTARD CHARDONNAY – This wine has mild flavors of vanilla and white flowers with a robust aroma. It costs $8.28 and is perfect wine for accompanying cheese, seafood and poultry.

6. GRAFF PIESPORTER MICHELSBERG RIESLING – Straight from Mosel-Saar-Ruwer growing region, this red wine has a peachy flavor. Priced at $8.89 this dry white wine proves to be a good table wine.

7. OXFORD LANDING SHIRAZ – This Australian Shiraz costs $6.99 has a typical smoky oak and vanilla flavor with a smooth and velvety finish.

8. MELINI CHIANTI BORGHI D’ELSA – Value-packed at $9.49 and made from a blend of various grapes, the red wine is full-bodied with a rich and smoky flavor and aroma.

9. RAVENSWOOD VINTNERS BLEND ZINFANDEL – This wine is full of character and the most prominent ones are raspberry-and-spice. Most delicious classic California Zinfandel priced at $8.28.

10. ROBERT MONDAVI PRIVATE SELECTION PINOT GRIGIO – The wine has citrus flavors and peach undertones. This white wine at $8.45 is best with seafood delicacies like crab cakes, sushi, pasta and even an exception to grilled chicken breasts.

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