Bollywood celebrities who succumbed to mysterious deaths

We read about suicides and mysterious deaths every other day in the newspaper. Thanks to the internet, crime reports reach us wherever we are in a blink of the eye. However, no news stays with us for as long as the mysterious deaths of our favorite celebrities.

The lives of celebrities are full of luxuries, glamour and prosperity. But, on the sidelines of stardom lurk mysteries, conspiracies and threats unknown to us. Many celebrities have become the victims of fame and fast lifestyle. Here is a list of some of the most speculated Bollywood celebrity deaths shrouded in dark mysteries.

Divya Bharati

 Divya Bharati

Divya Bharati had become the heartthrob of India in a very short span of time. She joined the film industry in 1992 and won millions of fans with her role in the movie Deewana. She also won Filmfare for best debutant actress that year. She had married producer Sajid Nadiawala secretly and was living with him too. At just age nineteen, Divya fell from her fifth storey apartment. Police could not find any concrete evidence of crime and closed the case as an accident. Many believe it to be a murder and not suicide.

Silk Smitha

 Silk Smitha

She was one of the very first divas of silver screen of India. The siren of film industry was revered for her sexy attitude and expressions. Silk was cast in plenty of movies because the directors firmly believed that she can draw the crowds. The famous movie ‘Dirty Picture’ was made on her life starring Vidya Balan. In 1996 Silk Smitha committed suicide. Speculators believe that failed attempts at becoming a producer, getting meatier roles in films, failed romances and alcoholism led her to the unfortunate end.

Kuljeet Randhwa

 Kuljeet Randhwa (2)

 Image Source : InToday.In

The Gladrags model and TV star, Kuljeet Randhwa apparently committed suicide in the Juhu apartment where she lived in 2006. She also played one of the leads in the Sony soap named C.A.T.S and CID. In her suicide note she wrote that no one is to blame for her actions. She also addressed her co actor Bhanu Uday in the note and mentioned that he had taught her to love.

Jiah Khan

Jiah Khan

Image Source : Ste.India

The alluring and promising actress, who had starred opposite Amitabh Bachchan in the movie Nishabd, killed herself by hanging in 2013. It is speculated that her failed relationship with live in partner Suraj Pancholi led her to this. Pancholi was taken into custody but got bail due to lack of evidence.

The life of celebrities might attract a lot of attention but they have to live under public scrutiny and deal with criticism. Not every star can deal with the pressures of a glamorous lifestyle that leads to depression and even death.

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