Bollywood mystery files: Celebrities whose deaths remain unsolved

Being the largest film industry sure has its rewards and highlights. However, it does have its share of controversies and unexplained mysteries. For example, Bollywood has witnessed the tragic and mysterious deaths of a number of celebrities. Most of these deaths remain unexplained to this day. Take a look at a couple of Bollywood personalities whose fate led them down this road.



She was considered as the most beautiful Indian actress ever. Her stellar performances in movies like Howrah Bridge and Mughal-E-Azam won her rave reviews and millions of fans around the nation. However, none of them helped Madhubala in her final days. The star had no one beside her when she breathed her last and had to die a painful, lonely death.


Guru Dutt

Reports suggest that Guru Dutt’s estranged relationship with his wife Geeta forced him to commit suicide in 1964. Many claim that the actor had been depressed for quite a while before dying and had in fact, tried to kill himself twice already. His third attempt succeeded, and the actor was found dead in his flat, with the suspected reason being an overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol.


Silk Smitha

She was the quintessential sex siren of the South film industry in her heydays. Having acted in over 450 films over a course of 17 years, Silk (aka Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati) became producer with her maiden venture when she suddenly died in 1996. Many believe that a failed romance, alcohol addiction and depression were the reasons for her taking the extreme step.


Priya Rajvansh

Priya Rajvansh’s death had all the ingredients for a family revenge saga. Considered one of the most beautiful actresses of her time, Priya’s death in 2000 was first declared a suicide. However, later investigations revealed that she had been killed by her own stepchildren (the actress had been married to Chetan Anand) along with two other accomplices over a property dispute.


Dhivya Bharti

Her death shocked the entire film industry, more so because she was just 19 when she died. Having entered Bollywood at the tender age of 18, the extremely beautiful and vivacious Dhivya was enjoying a dream run at the box office with films like Deewana. Her fall from the fifth floor of the building remains unexplained to this day, with no one knowing whether she lost her balance, committed suicide or was pushed by someone.

Fame and money are instant in Bollywood. However, down the lane, the path to stardom may turn out to be very painful and lonely. These Bollywood celebrities, who died mysteriously, are testaments to the fact that money and fame cannot buy you everything, especially happiness.

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