Britney’s extravagance not on hold


Despite having gone almost bankrupt once, the pop diva, Britney Spears hasn???t learnt any lessons. The legal papers filed by he conservators reveal Britney has yet again squandered her wealth, without caring very little about her liabilities.


On her security alone, this extravagant singer has blown $447,633.69 from March to December and whopping $49,387.22 on the household repairs in mere six months.


It???s actually brave on her part that she does not comprise with her comforts even she has to spend heaps of dollars on settling legal matters with Kevin Federline. Brit has paid $625,000 to Kevin Federline’s lawyers. Still her spirits are no ways down as she spent $3400 just to hang lights on Christmas.

Via: TMZ

Image Link: Losangeles , Babble, Topnews

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