Brothels-a burial ground for several innocent hopes, desires and futures

Prostitution has been the longest running organized crime against women, which probably will never be completely abolished. Though there men who also choose prostitution as the means of earning money, most of them are not subjected to trafficking and rape which millions of women have to endure around the world.

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Some of the oldest red light areas of India were established during the colonial era for pleasing the British soldiers and providing entertainment to them. Eras have changed but the torture on female flesh and soul has not. Women are still seen as luxury goods or else how can anyone pay for sex? If there were no customers then the brothels would not have existed.

They too have souls; do you have the inner eyes to see it?

 They too have souls

The funny thing is that women who are forced into prostitution by birth, caste, circumstances, lack of education and fellow human beings endure social stigma but not the buyers who pay for pleasures of flesh. Men from so called high society also indulge in paid sex but their names remain clean of stigma, and their reputation blameless. The women who are involved with prostitution lack education and do not know any way out of the human jungle. Many of them are tied to one brothel parlor or another. Escaping is next to impossible for them without help from NGOs and government. All this doesn’t make them any different from us. But few have the heart to understand this.

For them it is livelihood


In many cases, underage women who are trafficked are raped by goons before they break down and agree to become prostitutes. When they get accustomed and accept this way of life then prostitution becomes a source of money and food. The women whom society brand as prostitutes do not bear children planning to turn them into prostitutes or agents of prostitutes.

They too dream like any other mother would. They chit-chat with each other, laugh at crass jokes because that’s all they know and love to watch movies. If we cannot change their life we do not have any right to sneer at them.

Innocence encroached


The brothel owners pay huge sums for virgin young girls. With free mixing trends spreading all over India, human trafficking agents try to kidnap and sell younger girls as older girls may have lost their virgin tag. Young girls are given Oradexon, which is a steroid for growth to make them look more mature than their age. This steroid was originally invented for making cows fat.

Traditionally we believe that brothels are where hopes die but even in poverty and desperation the women do have dreams. We should look at them as humans and stop disrespecting them in every way.

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