ISRO to launch 25 satellites in next 5 years

isro satellites plan

India has decided to double the annual satellite launches up to 25 spacecraft in the coming five years. It will be a boosting exercise of a $2 billion that would be needed to meet demand for capacity. According to G Madhavan Nair, Secretary in the Department of Space, India has aimed to boost the number of transponders in near future from 199 to 500 by the end of 2012.

Nair is also Chairman of ISRO and the Space Commission said:

In next five years, India may have about four to five launches in a year on the average.

Currently, there is hardly two we are doing annually. That’s one of the major loads not only on ISRO but also on industry and other establishments in the country.

According to the estimate, the cost of building these satellites and launching them would touch to Rs 8,000 crore-Rs 9,000 crore approximately. The ISRO has a plan to launch at least 15 INSAT-class satellites and 8-10 remote sensing spacecraft by the end of year 2012. The projected requirement of the number of transponders is 400 by 2012.

Nair said later that The ISRO wants to have extra capacity. In the last 5-year plan (10th plan) we had mere 25% excess capacity than we had anticipated that got consumed in no time. The growth pattern in this sector is comparatively very large so it needs more requirements.

The ISRO has decided to launch INSAT-4G communication satellite from the European launcher Arianespace that would be the last Indian satellite launching from foreign soil. The GSLV-Mk III will be operational in no time that would be able to take care of any satellite that we will be building.


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