Mumbai boy’s project earns planet’s name after him

rishin behl planets name

A Mumbai boy has the unique luck because an ice planet in the solar system will be named after him. People have roads named after them, buildings named after them but this boy will be a minor ice planet named after him. The 17-year-old boy’s name is Rishin Behl and he is so excited now.

He said:

If I look up at the sky, I can always feel there’s something out there named after me. That’s an excitement and rush like nothing else. The exact coordinates will come along with my Intel award.

Rishin had gone to US to present a project at an Engineering Fair that was organized by Intel. His project earned him the honor and he was offered a scholarship to study electrical engineering in the US.

Later, one of the strongest defence forces in the world has reviewing his innovative design and the details and the details of the design has kept as top secret.

Rishin refused to say anything on the project. Because of his brilliance and the presentation in the project, he has earned his place in the universe so to shine his name all the time.

According to the report, Rishin has designed a seismograph, which is used to measure the intensity of an earthquake, by using a magnetic field and a laser.

By combining all these equipments, he made his computer to generate a 3-D image of the shock wave. This is simply a major improvement over the traditional mechanical device.

Rishin said later that he has plans to use the same technology to create a portable device which can detect anomalies in the heart in case of a cardiac arrest.


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