Business start-up ideas for 2017

Do you want to start your own business in 2017?

Your dream of being an entrepreneur can be a reality, for sure, but you must make your selection of business wisely. You should do something which matches your skills, check if any training or licences are required. You should also try to find out whether your business would make a profit during recession periods of the economy. Also, there are industries which require a huge investment of capital and some require very little capital to get off the ground. Read on to find out some business startup ideas for 2017:

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality tech is very real now. Approximately 12 million virtual reality headsets are expected to be sold in 2017. You can start a business in the VR world, by targeting certain industries like education, training and even the wedding industry. You can shoot VR videos of weddings or work with educationists to create lesson videos using VR which would make education really interesting. You could also start selling headsets, as there would be a lot of demand for them in future.

Teach software classes

Photoshop, Final Cut – any specialized software which you are good at can become the base of your business. You can start by giving advanced software lessons from home charging hourly, to people who want to get into the profession. You can teach online, write ebooks and so on.

Be a tech consultant

Along the same lines, if you’re an expert in both the latest hardware and software offerings, you can start a technology consultation service. Most medium to small organizations do not have the resources to learn new tech thoroughly. You could help such businesses to operate their new tech solutions and might be quite profitable for you. 

Building green materials

Green living is now a way of life with many people and many more are aspiring to do so. Millions of people look to buy green eco-friendly materials, to construct homes and other structures. You can either use green materials to manufacture household items or construction materials.

Set up a green energy plant

Green living is not a fad anymore. With depleting fossil fuel reserves, governments and people are interested in using non-traditional fuel like hydroelectricity, solar power, geothermal energy and so on. You can either set up a hydroelectricity or geothermal plant or manufacture solar panels which people can install in their homes.

Caring for the elderly

The baby boomer generation is now retiring and as most of them are affluent, they do not want to live in old age homes, and prefer to live at home. But they do need support, which is why many people provide their services for such needs. You could start a driving service for the elderly, pet care, landscaping, catering, delivery and cleaning services, or open your own mobile beauty salon.

Social media consultant

There are many businesses which offer social media consultancy. You can start your own social media consultancy by focusing on networks which companies struggle with, such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope (live streaming app from Twitter). These platforms have millions of users and you could offer to tap this huge audience for businesses to gain followers for their products.

Create organic products

More and more people want to avoid beauty products laden with dangerous chemicals which might even cause cancer. Organic products which are free from chemicals have a huge market, which will only grow with time. You can start manufacturing organic / natural beauty products ranging from homemade soaps, cosmetics and scrubs and make a good profit.

Healthy food catering / vend

Everyone wants to eat healthy food, but most people don’t have the energy or time to cook. You can help them by starting a healthy food catering business or invest in a health food vend. Many corporates would be interested and people on the go might order your home cooked healthy meals. It’s a win-win for everyone, as you can earn some good money and help others eat healthy.

There are many businesses that you could start, such as alternative healing, remote employee monitoring and so on. You only have to have the required capital, skills and interest to do it. It is also advisable to conduct a thorough research before starting a new business of your choice.

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