Horses come to Pushkar camel fair

For those who thought Pushkar is all about camel fairs, here is a surprise. In fact, cows and horses also come to Pushkar fair. But, they don’t get counted because they are stashed away in the backyard.

Everybody who walks along the main street.

Asaram Bapu PERFECTLY a BUSINESSMAN or Saint………?

So many items are sold out by asaram ashram like dhoop sticks,aggarbatti,Shampoo,Soaps etc.

Do you know how much margins Asaram Bapu earns from his products……… Let us see…..

Product Name Production cost Mkt Price Margins in


Hand & foot trikes

I was invented many hand & foot bikes.
The hand & foot bikes are the user changes directions by shifting the center of weight and moves forward by using both hands and both feet.
The front wheels can automatically change directions to the extent…

Pros and cons of BPO

An industry that has offered employment to myriad of people all around the nation, BPO, has been growing ever since it came in to being, and growing good. India is a democratic country and every one has a different opinion on the way BPO’s make…


Some ten months ago, the editor of a popular business magazine approached me for writing a long piece on Corporate Social Responsibilities—CSR for short.

Since I am not a regular business writer, I did some research on this topic. But, halfway…

Corporate Social Responsibility: Myth & Reality

A lot of debate has been heating up on this topic. It has now become a favorite of the corporates and is finding prominent places in the marketing strategies of most reputed business giants ever since these astute planners have discovered this dormant .

Recession blamed for fewer topless women

If French beaches are not as delightful as they have been, blame it on recession. French beaches have always been quite a place to be at, especially for the males, with hordes of topless beauties strewn around like seashells. Things have not been quite…

Growing importance of apple industry in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is called the Apple state of the country and is also known as the fruit bowl of the nation.Apple is the main fruit crop of Himachal Pradesh and is grown in nine out of the twelve districts.It contributes to 40 percent of the fruit…

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