Celebrities who found soulmates in their fans

Looking at our favorite stars, people often dream of being with them. We like everything about our favorites and wish to have somebody like them in our lives. What if the celeb whom we desire, becomes our life partner? It would be the best thing that will ever happen in one’s life. Getting a person you always wanted is like finding water at desert.

It is an observable trend that celebs generally marry other celebrities or people with a similar business. Yet, among them are few that likes to go beyond this trend of marrying another star and choose to marry common people.

Becoming a partner of a celeb is a dream. However, for some people it is not a dream anymore to be with their dearest celebs for entire life. Many Hollywood celebs have not only dated their fans but also married and had kids with them. Following are some celebs that have chosen ordinary people for marriage.

Nicolas Cage and Alice Rim


The couple first met at a restaurant in Los Angeles where Alice was working as a server. She was always a fan of Nicolas and loved his work. This meeting soon turned into dating and then into marriage. Even after knowing, the fact that Alice is almost 20 years younger than Nicolas has been married twice before.

Ann Hathaway and Adam Shulman

Ann Hathaway and Adam Shulman

Their mutual friends introduced Ann and Adam to each other. Ann is famous American actor whereas Adam has played short roles in a daily soap. When they first met, Ann had planned to remain single for sometime but as soon as she saw Adam, she fell for him. Ann mostly liked him for him being a quiet person. In addition, they both belongs to same place i.e. Brooklyn. So they had something common to talk about and that is how they started talking that turned into marriage.

Danny Bonaduce

Danny Bonaduce

This man has married his biggest fan whom he met a coffee shop. Both of them liked each other at first meeting. Eventually, Danny appointed her as his manager. When she was working as her manager, both fell in love. When Danny’s show was going on, he was going through a bad phase of his personal life with his former wife. He then married his fan and divorced her wife.


Celebs marrying their fans may be something rare, but not something unheard of. Love, as they say, finds a way.

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