Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez share hotel room worth $2900

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

The Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber romance is going great guns. The young couple is so much in love that they can???t do without each other even for a single day or should we say- even for a single night! No matter where Justin is performing, Selena comes down to support his boyfriend- be it US or tour. Currently, Justin is on his last leg of the South America tour, and Selena is accompanying him for a while before she begins her Canadian We Own The Night Tour next week.

The new reports confirm that Selena, 19, and Justin, 17, were spotted in a hotel together sharing the same hotel penthouse suit worth $ 2,900. They are staying at the Copacabana palace in Rio de Janerio, which ranks among the exclusive celebrities hotel in Brazil. Both were also caught in the hotel hallway getting supremely cozy with each other.

According to Hollywood life, the penthouse where Selena and Justin are staying costs a whopping $2,900 a night and includes a king sized bed, an experience room and a swanky bathroom with a separate bath tub and shower by the side. Their elegant suite also has a private terrace with a backdrop of Copacabana beach. Justin has checked in the hotel under the name of Chandler Bind, a character name played by Mathew Perry in TV sitcom, Friends.

The romance of Justin and Selena began this March when the 19-year-old actress/singer officially confirmed their relationship through one of the websites. Justin had showered some of the best gestures for his girlfriend Selena, be it an exclusive movie premiere of ???Titanic???or the five-star romantic LA dinner. And, now when Selena has exclusively come to support him, he is making sure that her love gets the best treatment, including the fanciest accommodation in the city. Selena Gomez in return surprised Justin Beiber???s fans when she guest performed on her latest hit single ??? Who says??? with Justin at the Engenahao in Rio on October 6.

Ah, young love! Well, we hope this teen twosome goes strong with time and definitely doesn???t end up like Justin and Britney. Do you think Selena???s night stay at Justin is romantic or they are too young to be alone staying in the same hotel suite? Sound off your comments below and don’t forget to take a look at some of the lovely photos of this adorable young couple!

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