Happy nuptials for Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell

McCartney & Nancy Shevell

Apparently, five years is enough to rid the stink of nasty and widely publicized divorce. Paul McCartney appears to have replenished his belief in love and returned to the dating scene stronger and wiser. He married Nancy Shevell in a lovely civil ceremony on a beautiful London Sunday afternoon at the Marylebone Register Office. Only the couple???s close family and friends were invited to attend the ceremony.

The ceremony took place at the same venue where Paul married his first wife, Linda McCartney. He loved her very much, saying she gave him the strength and courage to work after the break-up of The Beatles. Sadly, she died of Breast Cancer in Tucson, Arizona on 17 April 1988.

Many people find some similarities between the two women. Both women come from prosperous Jewish-American families in the Northeast. Nancy is a breast cancer survivor, but her mother died from the disease. The obvious resemblance is their personality traits; they are recognized for being unostentatious, gently supportive and strong women.

Many supporters of the legendary ex-Beatle are jubilant that Paul has recovered and found the love of his life. The horridness and animosity of the divorce from former model Heather Mills left a mark on the shattered man. His bitter and dark emotions were expressed in the collaborator album with the group, The Fireman, called ???Electric Arguments???. The divorce ended a six-year marriage with a settlement of 24.3 million pounds.

It was at a series of dinner parties hosted by Shevell???s second cousin, Barbara Walters. However, the real introduction was much earlier. Apparently, Shevell and her-then husband met Paul and Linda, 20 years prior, at their summer homes in the Hamptons.

The first pictures of the couple surfaced in 2007, when they were caught smooching at the Hamptons. For the most part, the couple has avoided the spotlight, preferring to cherish their privacy. Hence, fans knew very little of their famous Route 66 road trip they took to sight-see across seven states in a borrowed Ford in 2008.

Shevell was excited and couldn???t wait to start married life with her beloved. She reportedly converted to vegetarianism in order to continue dating well-known animal-activist and vegan. It was during a trip to California that McCartney proposed with an art-deco artpiece worth $650,000. A Cartier solitaire diamond ring that would make any girl say ???Yes??? immediately.

The marriage ceremony was the complete opposite of his marriage to Mills. His previous marriage was a lavish, exaggerated affair held at a remote Irish castle. Helicopters flew overhead to attempt to catch glimpses of A-list guests.

The present bride was satisfied with simple and modest ceremony, the only highlights being the noticeable love and joy among the family, friends and the happy couple. Shevell appeared radiant at the wedding in an elegant, ivory gown designed by McCartney???s daughter, Stella. McCartney lifted his bride???s hand in elation as they walked down the steps under a shower of petals.

Very little is known about the couple???s future plans, but rumors are floating that the couple plan to throw a wedding party in New York, where his ballet, ???Ocean???s Kingdom??? is playing.

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