Celebrity Red Carpet Flops this Year

We look all year round to the red carpet events and especially the dresses celebs don. However, all the names on this list missed the trendy mark this time.


Anne Hathaway

This stiff column dress on Anne Hathaway was one of our least favorites throughout this year’s awards season. It wins hands down.


Kim Kardashian

We are pretty sure it’s the allover grandma floral print and the fact that this dress comes complete with gloves, this dress on Kim Kardashian was a total miss.?It is rare that Kim Kardashian misses the fashion mark, this time was an exception and how.


Marion Cotillard

She in general stuns on the red carpet, but this oversized look was a major flop and didn?t work for us at all.



We love her but there’s something not quite right about those palazzo pants.


Jaimie Alexander

Too much skin alert!

The cutout on Jaimie Alexander’s dress is just a little?too?distracting. It is definitely not sexy either.


Gwyneth Paltrow?

The sheer trend seems to be going all wrong for this celeb. Here’s another innocent victim of the sheer trend gone terribly long. Gwyneth, we would have appreciated this look had it just been a?tad?less see-through.


Lady Gaga

Trust Lada Gaga to have lot of completely bizarre looks this year, and we’ve got to give her credit for it too! The girl has confidence! However, almost all of them can be categorized as red carpet flops, including this holiday-themed ensemble.


Miley Cyrus

What is Miley Cyrus up to nowadays ? With her hair and clothes? Even on the red carpet?

Miley’s skin-tight, lace-up, graphic halter dress and checkered boots don’t look so hot together…or separately at all.


Erin Wasson

We all know Erin Wasson has a great body, but this dress is doing nothing for it — except making her look like she’s been covered in fancy saran wrap.


Halle Berry

Halle Berry has landed herself on the worst-dressed list for this Space Age-y red carpet fail.?She look nothing less than a badly dressed alien.


Florence Welch

While the sparkle on this dress is beautiful, the fact that Florence Welch looks like a reptile in it is enough to land her on this list.


Nancy O’Dell

This was no red carpet dress! Nancy O?Dell looks better suited for a beauty pageant than the Oscars in this dramatic, ombre gown.

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