Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez?s Fashion Sense

Since the couple got back together, we love to see how the transition if their fashion sense has been made. Check out how the couple dresses.


The Start

Selena?scrubs up pretty well in a draped black midi dress, heels and a demure up-do to sit front row at the Ruben Dario Fashion Show at Puerto Rico Fashion Week in March 2009.

Enter?Bieber. The then-16-year-old singer arrives with his mentor, Usher, at the 22nd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards in March 2009, keeping his look relaxed and letting that hair ?do speak for itself.

Elsewhere,?Selena?continued her evolution from Disney sweetheart to young fashionista. The hair?s been chopped, the heels are getting higher, and she has a camera crew following her around while she goes shopping.


Style looks to be the last thing on?Justin?s mind ? although the?One Time?singer does take pleasure in a spot of colour-coordination. Witness this mint-coloured T-shirt/matching enormous trainers/colour-pop purple hoodie ensemble.

Selena?looks far more mature than her 17 years in Notte by Marchesa at the 2009 Annual Hollywood Style Awards ? where, appropriately, she scoops the Style Ing?nue gong.


The couple

A meeting of musical minds, of superstar teens and contrasting sartorial philosophies. A sequin-clad?Selena?and denim-jacket-wearing Justin?cosy up during a performance on US TV show Dick Clark’s?New Year’s Rockin’ Eve?with Ryan Seacrest in 2010 ? and the rest, is history.

Cuteness personified:

Justin and?Selena?pose gladly for the press at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in March 2010 ? although it will takes12 months for the pair to confirm that they?re dating. Looks like Selena?s influence might be rubbing off on Beiber already, though; everyone knows that head-to-toe black is the last word in style.

Justin?smartens up his wardrobe act at the 2010 Juno Awards ? cue the melting of a million teen hearts.

Couples start to dress alike

This rare, early shot of?Justin?and?Selena?sharing a frank moment (while out and about in Santa Monica, March 2011), could be proof of just that. It?s the night of the 2011 Oscars, and?Justin and?Selena?decide, once and for all, to go public with their romance ? coordinating dress and pocket square, just to underline the point. Red is for romance after all.

As the happy couple cozy up at the ceremony,?Justin?s gold jacket gives?Selena?s racy cutouts a run for their style and money.

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