Did Kim Undergo a Butt Job?

Kim Kadarshian has been topping the celeb news headlines since the time she brought her baby bump out in the public, the rumors getting riper with the birth of her baby North West whereby shutterbugs left no stones unturned to fabricate stories about her physical transformations, the latest among them being the claim that she has undergone a butt implantation. Of course, the Keeping Up with the Kadarshians star was enraged and infuriated with the rumors and the best way she thought of bottle up the allegations of butt enhancement was to take to Twitter.


The actress truly made her statements vocal by saying she would not tolerate the media pointing at her transformed figure post pregnancy nor is she herself abashed about the fact that she has gained weight during the period. She went on to defy the claims of butt implantation saying she is proud to be what she is and abhors skinny lasses with no curves or plump butts to flaunt their sensuous silhouettes.

Kim truly has the potential to go the extra mile to prove her point about not having a butt implant done by presenting X-Ray reports in front of the world as evidences. However, according to Closer Magazine, the actress?s friends too are of the notion that she has taken to some kind of enhancement job- maybe a top-up by pulling in fat from her thighs and stomach to augment her much-coveted derriere.

And all this was done post delivery as the actress is heard to be extremely fond of her buttocks. Well, whatever might be the truth we must applaud Kim for her bold way of standing by her words and blasting all those who had been weaving stories around the actress for so long.

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