Celebs who are shorter than you think

Celeb always looks tall and goo on screen. As most of them look quite, it is sometimes the camera trick or shot from correct angles that make them look tall. While some of celebs are actually blessed with good height, some others have to work out to face this challenge. Below are some famous personalities that are actually short, we never knew.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

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Bruno Mars is not just a famous American singer, songwriter, but also an amazing choreographer who has become a heartthrob of millions of people around the world. No doubt, he is a super talented man, but looking at him, you will feel that he is quite short. Bruno is just five feet and five inches tall, which makes him quite shorter than other people. But that does not matter at all, as he is a multi talented man who has given some very good music to the world.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie

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Famous TV personality and fashion designer, Nicole Richie looks quite tall. The major challenges with her is the short height, which sometimes becomes little awkward when she stands next to somebody who is long legged. Nicole is just five feet tall, which is actually short but her work completely take over her physical appearance. And how she manages with her short height, simple by wearing high heels and styling that makes her look tall.



Image Source : Fanpop.Com

An amazing singer with some incredible dance moves, which has made him famous around the world. Usher not just sings amazingly but acts and dance really well. Being such a talented personality, he has managed to win hearts of many people. As we look at him, it seems that he is quite short. He is just five feet and seven inches tall, but that does not matter at all, as his talent is enough to rule the world.

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

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With some stunning rapping skills, Lil Wayne loves to sing and started his career at the age of nine. While looking at this man, it seems that he is not blessed with good height, as he is just five feet and five inches tall. Not with a good height, but he is blessed with some incredible singing skills, which is more than enough to cover up his physical appearance.

While we think that our favorite celebs are perfect, which they are not, as they also have some flaws. Their fans and people who love them ignore their flaws and still love them for what they are. In addition, in the end it is the talent that matters, not the physical appearance.

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