Charismatic little baby faces of Bollywood

Today let’s just have a momentary peek at the charismatic little baby faces of Bollywood, who are today’s sizzling screen gods.

Start with today’s Desi Super hero Hrithik Roshan with director papa and little sister

Kajol in her usual Bubbly look

Kapoor daughter number 2-Kareena as sweet as ever
kareena 222

Kapoor daughter number 1- Karishma in her old boyish look

Naughty Rani in her babyhood days

Oops baby Raveena Tondon thinking hard
raveena tondon

Saif Ali Khan in his Nawabi Style
saif 22

Sanju baba in his baba days
sanjay dutt2

Pretty Sonali as a toddler
King Khan in his energetic style
shahrukh khan22

Perfectionist Aamir in his early days with his father
aamir kahn
Baby Bachchan with mom

Akshay in his stunning style

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