Cheesecake is a passe…Brewpubs finale with beer-ice-cream

root beeice creamWhat about exploding with a flavor-filled ice-cream made with beer? The recent beer ice-cream trend is taking over dessert menus in upscale restaurants and ice-cream bars. This trend was started by chefs like Joel Antunes in Atlanta, Eric Bertoia and Galen Zamarra in New York. The complex flavors of beer can be paired with a never-ending variety of ice-creams to create an entirely different experience. At the outset of many micro-breweries producing dessert flavored beers, you can well guess the purpose of the beers. But how well it works we can go through the various roll-outs of the delicacy by beer cafes and restaurants. A feature shows the various creations and reviews them to inform the consumers of their possibility to click. The feature illustrates about the fruit-beer sorbets made of apple, cherry and peach beers in Heritage Belgian beer cafe in The Rock and about the exotic range of ice-cream and sorbets using fruit beer in The Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe. Many chefs have experimented with beer and ice-cream pairings and as per Darren Chadderdon, a former chef at Gordon Biersch’s Palo Alto:

It’s a little tricky to make a smooth, creamy malt ice cream from reduced wort. If there is too much sugar in the wort, it will interfere with the fine ice crystal formation that you want in a frozen dessert.” Chadderdon experimented with pure malt ice creams, as well as a Maibock Wine Sorbet. The wine added another layer of flavor to the sorbet, which made it even better.

Well, we have witnessed the arrival of beer-flavored ice cream way back in 2003 when Scottish Courage, the big U.K. brewer, launched ice cream that tastes like Newcastle Brown Ale, now what we see that the flavors are infused to create a posh taste and infact more blends are coming to match with different levels of strength and intensity of ice cream. As per Amy Tarr:

Beer’s broad range presents unlimited possibilities for ice cream and dessert pairings. The crisp bitterness of a light-bodied lager pairs well with tart summer fruits, whereas the rich malted character of a creamy stout works well with a dark chocolate cake.


The new flavors in beer ice-cream would work only if there are flavors which all beer lovers would love to have with a pint of beer.

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