China, Mexico boosts ties with tequila shots

Tequila can make you high and loquacious and shake off the shackles of inhibitions that make you act prim and prissy. Recently China and Mexico have been trying to improve their business ties and now they are trying to toast the newly made friendship with tequila. Mexico is renowned for its quality of tequila and it is trying to invade the huge Chinese market. The buying power of the Chinese people is increasing as they are making substantial economical advancement each year. This fact has not gone unnoticed by the tequila tycoons of Mexico.


Talks between the Chinese president, Xi Jinping and the Enrique Pena Nieto of Mexico have broken the ice that had accumulated over years between these two countries and their trade relationship. The Mexican tequila gets exported to more than 100 countries regularly but the Chinese laws and regulations prohibited tequila from taking over the Chinese market full of buyers. Just last week the Chinese law regarding tequila importation got a makeover and it has been formally declared that tequila is not as dangerous as it was supposed to be. This is especially true for the blue agave, which is the most loved and pure form of tequila produced in Mexico.

Ramon Gonzalez, who is the director of Mexico’s tequila promotion council, has stated if they can take tequila to China then, in the next five years, they will be able to export 10 million liters to the country. The country which presently tops the list of tequila buyers is the United States of America. The American is infamous for their love for margarita which is made with tequila. China has a ready population of 1.3 billion people who can buy tequila. At present Mexico churns out 43.7 million gallons of tequila for export. 80 percent of the total amount of tequila exported is consumed by the US. Until now only 108,000 gallons were exported to China.


The trade talk between the presidents of the two nations was very successful with both parties interested in profitable trade ties. Tequila can be consumed in small shot glass quantities or it can be used for making tasty cocktails. Being new in the Chinese market, tequila will be bought by millions of curious people in the first months and this will help them grab the market. The 7.75 percent growth rate of China is tempting tequila tycoons. Only time will show how much success they get.

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