China’s blunt stance over North Korea to herald in a New Era…?

Choe Ryong Hae, the North Korean envoy, who visited China recently, was told that his country must join the discussions regarding the end of nuclear weapon hoarding. The Chinese president, Xi Jinping, was quite blatant in his manner of expressing the desire that North Korea should resume the nuclear weapon talks once again. Choe assured the Chinese president that North Korea too was sincere in its interest in joining the discussions in which six countries will be taking part. In fact North Korea is ready to take part in all sorts of diplomatic dialogues for bringing in a new era of peace and prosperity.


Mr. Xi told the press that there is nothing more desirable than the denuclearization of North Korea which will lead towards peace and economic improvement. Mr. Choe, who has always had a good rapport with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, surely knows what he is committing for and this certainly gives raise to hope of peace. He has also delivered a letter from Mr. Un to the Chinese president which holds promise of initializing peace talks in matters of nuclear weapons.

The meeting between the North Korean envoy and the Chinese president resonates with new hope. The North Korean envoy has told that his country intends to take part in the discussions because they want to create a stable environment for economical development and prosperity of the country people. China president, Mr. Xi, has expressed his expectation that his country will help in the progress of the six country talks and restrain itself from agitation or aggression.

Mr. Xi knows very well how to get his thoughts heard. His manner of addressing the issue may be criticized as being blunt but it was necessary in the present political circumstances. The tongue in cheek manner of speaking which is very famous among the politicians has been rejected this time for clearing the doubts and channeling the meeting in the right direction. Mr. Xi has clearly told Choe that China will not move from its position and continue to support the denuclearization of the North Korean peninsula. Despite of supporting North Korea economically, China has not received positive actions from the country for completing the denuclearization once and for all. Mr. Xi’s outspokenness has sent a direct signal to Mr. Kim that the time has come for taking long delayed actions regarding this matter.

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