Christmas foods have ceased to be traditional


Christmas foods have changed over the years and the traditional Christmas foods have taken a break I suppose…at least in the Midland restaurants. Turkey, cookies and vegetables, are now giving way to something entirely different. Beef enchiladas, pies and barbecued foods are all set to give an entirely different sizzle this winter during the Christmas dinner. JoAnn Briscoe, owner of Jo Jo’s Eatery, ha got more than fifty orders in different flavors of pineapple cream, cherry cream, coconut cream and chocolate cream. The creamy treats also include lime pie and rum cake and they are as cheap as $10.

Well, Smoked meats are wonderful appetizers every time, and pies are always there with ‘n’ number of variations. These barbecued foods are selling hot this holiday season as they are as cheap as $19.99 and they are loved by the Texans

As the Midland guys will take sometime to come back from the Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Foods always stay great with Turkey and Pies…they are my personal favorite and they are open to variations. Yea you can go for Turkey stuffed with shucked oysters…just for the sake of trying something wild this Christmas. All I want to say is some parts of the US people are still disciplined about the traditional Christmas foods.

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