Dana Craig announces the First Foodies Awards


Dana Craig has given away the first Foodie awards much in the fashion of the Emmys, Tonys, VMAs, CMAs…, after her yearlong experience in the Richmond restaurant.

The awards were given in the following categories:

Best breakthrough performance – Cielito Lindo, got the award for its Mexican delicacies and sleek settings.
Best Ensemble Cast – 1 North Belmont, got award for its crew. The wait staff took the piece of cake for their hospitability, putting the diners at absolute ease.
Worst Individual Performance – A young waiter at Bertucci who messed up everything from table settings to serving drinks.
Best Director – Chef Michelle Williams, the owner of The Hill Cafe and The Hard Shell, is going to add three more restaurants to her creative list.
Worst Director’s Cut – Cafe Mandolin, which was running well with the veggie delights, but had to be close down as the owner, psychologist-turned-chef, met with an injury and the shop had to be closed down.
Most Fiery Fan Club – That’s Amore closed down, for its loud journals.
Most Loyal Fan Club – Trak’s Greek & Italian Ristorante, updated the recipes, which get better every day.
Best Props – Liberty Valance was awarded for its creative decor.
Worst Props – The Wooden spoon had only spoons on the wall.
Biggest Budget – 1 North Belmont serves two at $200
Smallest Budget – Meadowbridge Country Kitchen serves you a hearty breakfast only at $16.
Best Costume Design – Chef Hai Truong of Osaka Sushi and Steak were rewarded for decking up the dishes with the best possible accessories.
Best Set Design – Trick Dog Cafe for a colorful interior.
Best Extras – Dot’s Back Inn
Worst Extras – Can-Can
Best Editing – Crab Louie’s for serving foods maintaining the time in-between every dish that is served
Longest Running Time – Caribbean Mingles, for delaying the serving of dishes, stretches it up to one hour.
Best Period Price – The Henry Clay Inn, was awarded for serving delights, from the “simpler days”.
Best Independent Feature – Chef-owner Matthew Tlusty for creating the best seafood delicacies in the Richmond Town
Best Silent Feature – Vietnam 1 for fusing all flavors in the barbecued dishes
Best Comedic Performance – Chef Andy Howell
Best Comedy – Martini Kitchen and Bubble Bar
Best Credits – Gray Bear Grille for its Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, which stays close to Dana’s heart, and she now longs to have it.

The Top Foodies Award goes to Osaka Sushi and Steak as it matched Dana’s criteria.

However, I find the Foodie awards sticking to the Hollywood Awards, without sticking to the criteria of foods.More or less these awards adhere to the exteriors and packaging of the culinary world; without giving any recognition to the obvious of the culinary world – top chef, top food, top restaurant, top food review. In other words, the food awards had almost everything in detail, without much detail given to Foods.

Dana could have worked out her criteria, on the basis of her Richmond dining experiences, for making the awards appear a bit candid.
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