Clamor for military action against Syria…and the other side:

The use of chemical weapons in Syria has made it almost necessary that the US intervenes to stop the ongoing violence. UN is not totally in agreement with US’s active involvement in the matter and will probably not pass a mandate in favor of the US intervention. From the look of the present circumstances it is clear that the US president, Barack Obama, has no dearth of supporters or allies. The worsening political circumstances in Syria cannot be overlooked and president Obama is under the pressure of international diplomatic expectations. The opposition parties are claiming that it is President Bashar al-Assad’s activities that took 1,300 innocent lives in Damascus.


Supporters for military intervention are increasing with leaps and bound in the west but UN is maintaining diplomatic silence in the matter. Muammar Gaddafi’s end in Libya made a negative impression on Kremlin and that is probably the reason of UN’s detachment. Obama is going to have NATO support in his actions against violence in Syria. Wang Yi, the Chinese foreign minister, has said that China has considered the chemical attacks in Syria deeply and opined that every country must be careful not to unnecessarily involve in the issue politically. He also told that the Chinese government disapproves of the usage of chemical weapons.


Of course the Syrian government has denied being involved in the use of chemical weapons but they haven’t yet let the UN officials posted in Syria to check the area where the incident took place. Chuck Hagel, the secretary of US defense department, has said that the US Navy is now shifting closer to Syria. Turkey is going to prove a great ally to US military forces in this matter. They have got the second biggest armed force among the NATO member countries, the first being US. Britain and France are also going to join hands with the US in their mission against chemical weapon usage in Syria. The foreign minister of France, Lauren Fabius, has demanded strict actions against the chemical attacks in Syria. According to a White House official US is considering different options of approaching the matter. National needs will be kept in mind along with the US Syrian policies while any decision is made. Obama is a cautious president and he has always been against the usage of chemical weapons and he is also not ready to put national economy at risk for the sake of intervening in foreign incidents.

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