Common Sense Driving Safety Tips Everyone Should Know


Every single car driver out there needs to think about safety. It is your responsibility to do all that you can in order to stay safe behind the wheel. While there are situations that are beyond your control and you will end up having to deal with a car accident attorney Springfield specialist, in most cases you can actually avoid accidents if you just practice safe driving habits. The main driving safety tips you do have to know are the following.

Always Focus On Driving The Car

Focus On Driving The CarThe attention should be kept on driving for every second the car is moving. Multi-tasking is always a really bad idea, no matter how good you think you are. Never use electronic devices as you drive and do slow down. When you speed, you do not have enough time to properly react. Accident severity would be increased.

Defensive Driving

Being defensive while you drive is always a really good idea. You need to be aware of the drivers that are close and do expect anything to happen. It is always a lot better to assume that motorists are going to do something that is crazy. This allows you to avoid it. Always maintain a two seconds cushion from the car in front and if the weather is getting bad, make the cushion four seconds.

Planning Ahead

Planning AheadYou want to build time into the trip schedule so you can stop for rest breaks, food, phone calls or anything else that might happen. Before the car is put in gear, be sure you adjust climate controls, mirrors and your seat. If you want to drink or eat, just pull over. This just takes some minutes so you will not reach your destination much later.

Always Practice Safety

All cargo that might move around as you are in motion need to be secured. Never attempt to retrieve the items that are falling to the car’s floor and all items you will need while driving should be kept within easy reach. This includes toll cards, garage passes, toll fees and so on. Obviously, you also want to wear the seat belt and drive only when you are drug-free and sober.

Extra Safe Driving Tips To Be Aware Of


  • Never allow children to climb or fight around while inside the moving car. Children need to be secured at all times. At the same time, remember that too much noise will distract you so you will not be focused on the road, which is the main priority while driving.
  • Never drive when tired. Also, be aware of the medication that could cause drowsiness.
  • Be careful when you change a lane. If you change too fast, do not use the signal and cut in front of other drivers, you could cause accidents or road rage incidents.
  • If you are driving in areas where animals are known to cross the road, be extra careful.

Always remember that safe driving is your responsibility. You need to take into account what was presented above and always be vigilant when on the road.

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