Controversial advertisements that left an impact on the audience

There is no denying that advertisements make a powerful impact on the viewers. They possess the power to influence the mass and spread awareness. Some brands like to take risk, caring least about the consequences and create advertisements that make people gape. Some such ads are pure gimmicks whereas others also bear a significant message. In the following, you will find out which are the most controversial advertisements of the world.

Westinghouse Electric- We Can Do It

 Westinghouse Electric- We Can Do It

Image Source : Preferred-Mfg.Com

The ‘We Can Do It’ campaign was launched during the World War II when women workers needed to work twice as hard as they normally did. The poster shows a woman, precisely ‘Rosie the Riveter’ showing her biceps in workman’s garments. It was primarily made to encourage the women workers to do overtime without grudges. But, with time, it became a symbol of campaigns for women empowerment. People soon forgot that it was launched to make female workers work overtime and accept work load.

Benetton kiss campaign

 Benetton kiss campaign

Image Source : BlogBenetton.Ffaasstt.Net

The ‘Unhate’ campaign launched by sportswear brand Benetton caused a huge uproar in 2012. Their campaign had shown the most prominent political leaders from different countries and religious backgrounds kissing each other. In one of the ad campaigns, you can see Barack Obama kissing Hugo Chavez and in another Pope Benedict was shown smooching Ahmed Mohammed el-Tayeb.

The Health Education Council’s Pregnant Man

 Pregnant man poster

Image Source : FlashBak.Com

In its bid to spread awareness regarding the importance of using protection during intercourse, The Health Education Council launched Pregnant Man campaign where a man is shown to be in advanced stage of pregnancy. The poignant question asked was, if men would be more careful about using contraceptives if it was they who got pregnant.

Lynx’s Dumb Animals campaign

 Lynx’s Dumb Animals campaign

Image Source : RespectForAnimals.Co.Uk

The hard hitting ad campaign was created for anti-fur pressure group named Lynx. The creator David Bailey had shown a woman walking with her huge fur coat touching the ground and smearing it with a trail of blood. The caption ‘It takes up to 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat. But only one to wear it’ was as hard hitting as an ad campaign can get.

Ad campaigns possess immense power. They can generate opinions and spread awareness. Some makers have used this positive capacity of ad campaigns through controversial visual messages.

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