Crazy Theories About Game of Thrones That Might Turn Out True

With the 7th season of Game of Thrones around the corner, one cannot but wonder what new theories about the fantasy series and its characters will start to do the rounds. Over the years, the series has been subject to several theories, some serious, some comical and some almost so logical that they may actually be true. We are here to discuss a couple of theories related to the third category, i.e. a few outlandish but ‘quite possible’ theories that may just turn out to be true in the future seasons.

  1. Jon Snow might marry Daenerys Targaryen

He has the band of loyal supporters and she has an army of dragons. What more could one want in a relationship? Since Targaryens marry one another at times of need, there is no issue with the aunt/nephew connection either.

  1. Jon Snow and Meera Reed could turn out to be twins

The similarities in Kit Harington and Ellie Kendrick’s appearances set aside, the characters that these two actors essay have a strong chance to become twins in the later episodes. It is a known fact that Ned’s sister Lyanna asked him to protect her baby at the Tower of Joy. However, suppose she had had a second baby and had given her to Howland for protection? You never know.

  1. There might be a dragon living under Winterfell

Considering that the Stark ancestral home remains warm throughout the year owing to its position above the hot springs, one can’t help but wonder if these hot springs were actually a dormant dragon breathing out fire as it slept under the structure? Adding more fire to the fuel, what if it was a metaphorical dragon which is also Jon Snow?

  1. Lord Varys may be a merman

Although a hilarious theory, it is not one that cannot be ignored. Lord Varys has time and again helped Daenerys in order to melt the North with the help of her dragons. He wants to do this so that the merpeople living there can have more space to live. His closeness to these merpeople strongly indicates the possibility that he might be a merman himself.

  1. The Mad King might have been made mad by Bran Stark

He did it once. And he could very well have done it before that as well. Remember how Bran Stark managed to go back in time, leading to Hodor’s condition? What if he had done the same thing and traveled through time to create a confusion in the mind of Aerys, upon which the latter talked of burning down King’s Landing instead of the White Walkers.

  1. The White Walkers might have made the wall

What if the White Walkers aka Others are not mindless beasts but people living with a reason? What if they had created a treaty with man to eons ago to protect both realms and had built a wall for the same purpose? A breach in this wall perhaps, has angered the Night’s King to breach the treaty himself and send out the Others to bring cold and destruction into man’s realm. Anything’s possible! 

One cannot help but wonder if any of these bizarre theories can actually turn out to be true and shock fans of the series worldwide.

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