The 10 Best New TV Series from 2016

With several new scripted shows on your screen, many of you may have found it challenging to narrow down to a few good ones. However, we give you a list of the 10 best new TV series that should not have been skipped by the end of the year. Check out.

  1. American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson

This engrossing show retold the real story of O.J. Simpson’s murder trial, which was a widely discussed story. However, the show made it truly refreshing and dynamic at every turn of events. The addictive narrative of the trial set the entire series apart, and the use of actors actually raised the bar by providing an extraordinary viewing experience.

  1. Atlanta

With amazing character writing and surreal humor, Atlanta was something that picked up from the very first episode. Atlanta’s delightful formatwas an attraction for viewers who were struck by Donald Glover’s confidence and exploration of racial and economic frustration that often changed.

  1. And Then There Were None

Displaying Agatha Christie’s best work, this TV show is all about social and psychological factors that lead people to act on their rage arising out of disappointments and to rebel against social norms. The actors have brilliantly justified Christie’s perceived themes in the awesome detection fiction. It is a not-to-miss new show from 2016.

  1. Better Things

Better Things, the family sitcom, gave an awesome view of the existence of a single mother with the lead actress transitioning amazingly between varieties of emotional states. The talented child actors have been truthful to their roles. All the actors together have made it a very relatable story for parents, as well as frustrated teenagers. From cruelty to moments of warmth, the show served a dose of it all to make it appealing to viewers.

  1. Fleabag

The show is like a hidden gem of 2016. This black comedy was a highly appealing, one-woman play that simply stood out among other TV series. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is super awesome in her title character that displayed the agony of andsexually exploited woman trying to navigate her life in London while trying to dissociate between guilt and grief.

  1. The Crown

Netflix’s The Crown came up to be a thoughtful character drama with the ambitious chronicle of the life of Queen Elizabeth II. While the show had a few twists to reality, it packed the power of the royal family’s stories and makes a compelling case for the reason the royal family has stayed to be subject of fascination for all. The Crown featured some brilliant performances.

  1. Insecure

Insecure was something very delightful and confident on TV. While it was complicated, it really pumped up the topics that are hardly taken up by many TV series. With this show, you could feel the freshness of friendship, romance, post-college life aspirations, strange work dynamics, and more.

  1. London Spy

London Spy appealed with its sensational performances and suspense presented smartly. Although it displayed a familiar storyline with media and government in the backdrop, it stood out with its charisma.

  1. Billions

This was a well-crafted TV show full of energy. It does not make a serious attempt at displaying the reality of Manhattan financial elite, but takes it on a mixed note of sarcasm and humor, which makes it shine.

  1. Search Party

The mystery around the sudden disappearance of a character is the core of attraction towards Search Party. The show is wrapped in the contemporary society of tech-obsessed young adults, especially those living in Brooklyn.

While hundreds of new TV series appeared in 2016, some of the best like Atlanta and The Crownoutshone tobecome a must-watch.

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