Creating an Online Presence that is Disability Friendly

We live in a world today with all types of people.  Many people do not have websites or blogs that are accessible to people who have disabilities like being blind or deaf.  Instead of losing out on all of the traffic that you can have with simple changes to your website, many people ignore these groups of people all together.


There are easy ways that you can make your website more accessible to someone who is deaf or blind.  Simple services and programs that can adapt to those in need makes the process simple.  Plus with a few additional thoughts you will be on your way to making a website or blog that can be enjoyed by everyone even those who have some type of disability.


Create a Website or Blog That is Disability Friendly


There are a few things that you can do with your website to make it easier for people with disabilities to enjoy all of the content.


Closed Captioning Services


One way that you can really help everyone to enjoy videos on your blog is to utilize Speechpad translations for their closed captioning services.  Offering this can make a video that would have otherwise lacked meaning for a deaf person, to be enjoyed completely by them.


Use an Easy to Read Font


Choosing a basic font that is easy to read can help everyone who is coming to your website.  People with disabilities like vision problems will greatly benefit from a simple font.


Avoid Content or Story Lines that Feature a Bias Against Those with Disabilities


Today you would think that people with disabilities are not targeted.  However in many online articles there are those who think that these people should not enjoy the same rights and freedoms as everyone else.  Make sure that you do not link to websites or blogs that feature attitudes against those with disabilities.


Choose Text Options That Make It Stand Out from the Background


If your text blends into the background too much it can be very hard for those with vision problems or those who are colorblind to see.  So make sure that this is not an issue with a very clear text that really stands out.


Make Webpages Simple to Navigate


You should also consider making webpages simple to navigate.  Make it clear where the person needs to click to find the information that they are looking for.  Show instructions to things that might be confusing for some people.


Keep Content Simple


Regardless of what your content is on your blog or webpage, you must make sure that the mass majority of the population is able to understand it.  This is something that is completely rewarding to your personal needs.


Consider Text to Speech Options


You might want to consider ways that you can convert the text on your website into spoken words.  This can really help someone who is blind to be able to enjoy your content as well.


Allow Text to be Enlargeable


Another thing that can help someone with severe vision impairments is the ability to increase the size of the text on your webpage or blog.  Make sure that this is possible.


Have the Option to Change Speech to Text


If you have areas on the website where someone can click to listen to something, make sure that there is an option for someone to read everything as well.  Using a simple speech to text service can help you to have this available in a short amount of time.


The American Bar Association offers some additional tips and things to consider for those who have disabilities to be able to enjoy your website or blog.  Even if you are not a lawyer, you can benefit from these suggestions.



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