Crocodile meat: Health meat

croco 4709 The latest addition to the list of Chinese delicacy is none other than the crocodile. Reports say shoppers were taken by surprise when they found cut-up pieces of crocodile being sold in a supermarket located in Zhongshan city of Guangdong province. It might have been an unusual scene for the curious shoppers in that supermarket. But crocodile meat is not unusual anymore. Some Chinese zoos sell crocodile meat for $25 a kilogram. And ancient Chinese history reveals its use as a cure for asthma and other respiratory diseases.
croc 4709
Crocodile meat, referred by some as an ‘exotic meat delicacy’, is a low calorie, high protein white meat. It is said to resemble fish in texture and chicken in taste. It is already famous in certain partsmenu 4709 of Australia, Europe, and Japan. Like any other meat, crocodile meat can be barbequed, fried, grilled or stewed. The Japanese have been enjoying the meat for ages. They were introduced to the meat by the Australians. Crocodile farms and shops coming up in certain parts of Europe. Australia boasts of a chain of restaurants where crocodile meat is served in the form of steaks, rolls or ribs just like ordinary meat. Recipes can be found on the internet nowadays. A perfect blend of marinades complements its exotic delicacy.

Apparently considered to be ‘one of the health meats of the 21st century’ crocodile meat is nutritional and curative. It is known to be used as a medicine to fight asthma, control ageing, and enhance the immune system. Scientific studies are still going on to discover other potential nutritional and medicinal effects of crocodile meat.

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