Cross-dressing Teens Get Own Restroom at School

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(Natthakran Tunthadilok, a 19-year-old transvestite, right, walks with his classmate Chompoo Chantrachaichot during a lunch break at Suan Dusit Institute in Bangkok, Thailand, July 30, 1999.)

A school in rural Thailand recently built a built a bathroom to accommodate the growing population of transvestite students in their school. Out of the schools some 2,600 students, over 200 of them considered themselves transvestites.

As school resumed in May, the new restroom was opened and was labeled with a half blue man and half pink woman. Under that picture, it said “Transvestite Toilet”. Although to a lot of you it may seem wrong, but the students find it relieving. A lot of them found it hard to go into the woman’s room or men’s room during school to relieve themselves.

This is something that was in dire need of being addressed in secondary schools. Finally something was done about it and these students are able to enjoy the privacy of the restroom. I believe this is a step in the right direction of accepting this lifestyle. What do you have to say about this? Should Americans, British, or any nationality accept this by opening up their own kinds of restrooms like these?

Via: msnbc

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