Dance Of Death At Chamunda Devi Temple

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Now more than 200 pligrims lost their lives in a massive stampede outside the Chamunda Devi Temple at the Sun City Jodhpur, on Tuesday morning.The cause of this stampede was false rumor about the bombs.

More than 100 injured pligrims have been admitted in the local hospitals of Jodhpur including Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, Mathura Das Mathur Hospital, Kamla Nehru Hospital and Goyal Hospital by their friends, relatives local social activists.

Officials said around 150 people were hurt, many of them seriously.Many died of suffocation and witnesses said that some slipped on temple floors wet with coconut milk,a traditional offering to Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindhia, who reached Jodhpur from Banswara in the afternoon(after 9 hours) announced a relief of Rs.2 lakh to the families of the deceased and Rs.50, 000 to those seriously injured. She has also assured fair investigation regarding this tragedy.

Now the Sun City Jodhpur is under the Black clouds of Silence and Sorrow. This was the fourth temple crash of our country, but our government did not learnt any lesson from these tragic incidents.

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