Dandelion: A rare and yummy health food

rt45656Dandelions belong to the genus of flowering plants. However, Dandelions have many medicinal and culinary usages. Here we are going to discuss only the culinary usage of the plant.

It is usually eaten as a green leafy vegetable, sauteed, steamed and also as a juice; and it can also be eaten raw, as a salad plant or in soups. Dandelions taste quite close to mustard greens, thereby giving a bitter taste. A typical Dandelion salad is usually paired with hard-boiled eggs…yea I remember, the last time I had eggs with yoghurt and mustard sauce, and they were yummy. Try it out with Dandelions. But before you start with dandelions, soak them well in salted water to remove their bitterness.

Dandelion and Burdock wine is an ancient favorite in the UK. Dandelion roots are also used as coffee substitute. Dandelion being rich in Vitamin A, C and iron is a potential source for manufacturing healthy foods in the food industry.
Dandelion Recipes: Mountain Breeze

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