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Dating Tips for 16 Year Olds

Sweet 16 is surely a thing of the past. 16 is no longer sweet, it is a dangerous age full of surprises and shocks. Some tolerable, some inexplicably intolerable… One of the obvious pitfalls of being 16 is the trauma of dating. You just go for the best looking guy or girl in school without bothering about their personality and other such details.Dr Prem Jagyasi shares some dating tips for you if you are a 16 year old battling through your teenage issues –

Ditch the Rules and Go have Fun but Remember to be Careful

You have a long life ahead to play by the rules. Why then should you regret at a later point in life? Thus, break all the rules you like and live your life like you truly own it. At the same time, be responsible for your actions. If you have to own it, own it fully. Ensure that you have things such as condoms, pepper spray marbles etc. stocked up in your bag. Thus, in case you run into trouble, you know you have come prepared.

Random Kissing and Casual Sex are Ok

You are 16 and not 60. It is the time to enjoy. You don’t need to feel guilty about a casual sex session or that steamy kiss with that really hot boy in your class. At this age, these things happen and as long as you can deal with your emotions, it is ok.

Love at First Sight is to be Cherished

Yes, you may fall in love on the first date or for all you know at the first sight itself. Remember, this will happen only at 16 because once you grow up, you’ll be clouded by judgements and opinions and rendered incapable of falling in love at first sight. So, if it has indeed happened to you, enjoy it.

Don’t use your Date

This is the worst case scenario for a 16 year old. Hence, if you are using your date for financial or any other kind of personal purpose, before you even confront and confess to your date, you need to have a tete-a-tete about it with your own self.

Dating at 16 isn’t easy but all the same, it is the best age for dating.

Summary – Life surely isn’t easy for a 16 year old and inexperience only makes it worse. However, let’s perk up your dating life with a few easy tips.

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