Dating Zones that Work for a Punjabi Gal

Punjabis are people full of life and zest. They are loud people with a sweet heart and they live life like there is no tomorrow. Also, Punjabi girls are amongst the hottest of the lot and hence, get a lot of guy attention. However, the downside to this is that they cannot easily pick a date or go dating easily because of their ever so furious papajis. Where then does a Punjabi girl go? Here are a few tips –

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The Wedding Date

Punjabis can find the best of the youngster at weddings. Moreover, no one seems to notice the flirting because of so much hoopla around the place. Hence, wedding is one of the best places to take your date to and have a great time. If you don’t have a date then you are bound to find one there. Not just the wedding itself but there are more than enough pre-wedding rituals that will help you find a date in no time.

The Restaurant

Punjabis are foodies and love food. Hanging out at the restaurant will give you a chance to get to know other foodies and regulars at the same restaurant. Thus, you can pick your date from here. If not so, you can simply take your date to a restaurant and eat your heart out.

Punjabis can find the best of the youngster at weddings

A Walk in the Park

Punjabis are fat lovers and will need some exercise to knock the fat off. Going for a walk in the park is bound to get you in touch with some hot guys. However, beware of the many aunties and uncles already using the park. Tread carefully.

At The Club

Punjabi mundas love whiskey and patiala peg. Thus, if you wish to hook yourself a date then the bar stool at the club is the best spot possible. Go hit it and grab yourself a hot Punjabi guy. The club is one of the best dating zones for a Punjabi girl because there is no chance of finding a papaji here.

Thus, if you are a Punjabi girl on the lookout for a date, use these tips and bag yourself one.

Summary – This article tells you about the dating zones that are best for a Punjabi girl both to pick a date as well as to go dating.

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