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Many parents nowadays worry about the success of their children in the near future. In fact, it’s probably obvious because they take care of them and expect nothing but the best fate for them. However, you should understand that learning and the ability to avoid any obstacles is crucial in the 21st century. Most students admit that essay writing is one of the most difficult tasks because this activity demands huge mental and physical efforts.

You have to look for scientific articles in journals, books and other types of literature, make some logical conclusions, write down footnotes, write outline and drafts, find strong arguments and create the paper, which will be really interesting for the reader. Moreover, they have to grab the attention of the reader almost instantly from the beginning. We are not even talking about first-year students because even professional essay writers, who devoted the entire lives to writing, cannot sometimes carry out this assignment perfectly.

Therefore, it becomes necessary for parents to develop their kids’ writing skills from their early years. To simplify your life and find out useful pieces of advice on writing, read our article.

Teaching essay writing to children

Developing writing skills in children

Most professionals and parents agree that strong writing skills in kids are the key to their success. Therefore, it would be better for you to follow some tips, which will help you to develop these abilities.

  • Show them your interest

The main reason for children to do anything and develop some skills is quite clear. They usually want to impress somebody. That’s why it’s extremely important to show them that you are really interested in their hobby. You should ask questions about their preferences, praise them for their merits, and do everything possible to convince them that their writings are important for you.

  • Be patient

There is no need to tell them dozens of complicated grammatical rules. In most cases, children in their early childhood cannot remember them. Therefore, try to be patient and ignore minor grammatical mistakes. Just let your children express themselves. The main purpose is to figure out how to write impressive and interesting sentences in the logical order. As for grammar, they will learn all rules at school. However, you should correct major grammatical and spelling errors, without being a grammar Nazi.

  • Writing is everywhere


Show your children that writing is everywhere. Do not hurry through, when you write something. The range of activity can include any type of writing: from a shopping list to business emails. To make your children interested in writing, you should help them with awesome colored pencils, pens, chalk, washable markers and so on.

  • Make it fun

Everybody knows that children like playing games. Therefore, you should find a way to combine writing and games. For example, you can use crossword puzzles and word games for this purpose. To find more alternatives, type the appropriate words in Google to find something entertaining for them.

  • Help them

Convince your children that you are available for them to help with spelling, editing, and proofreading at any time of a day. When they see that practice writing is a priority for you, they will do it willingly.

  • Use modern technologies

Use modern technologies

Children are always keen on modern technologies and it will be better to use this fact in your favor. There are many educational online tools, which are available for everybody for free. For example, Spider Essay Help or the website Essay Mama is a wonderful way to get more writing pieces of advice and guides. Moreover, you can find there different articles, which can inspire your children to express themselves on a sheet of paper.

Thus, writing skills are a guarantee of success in our world. Be bold and follow our simple pieces of advice if you want to simplify the lives of your children soon.

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