Differ With PM Modi? You Could Be Jailed!

Narendra Modi might be having a ball game in Bhutan but in India virtual socialites are in fresh trouble, thanks to him. Twitter or Facebook and all other social media channels cannot have any comment that is even slightly critical or skeptical of Modi and his stance on national affairs. Recently, an MBA student was arrested for circulating a funny caricature image of Modi. Tweeple have taken to mocking such high handedness. Er.Vikas Gupta ‏@Vikasguptaorg tweets, “Beware AAPtards. Take a week’s leave from job to delete all your Anti-modi tweets varna jail me sadoge.”


This leads one to question that if a superpower leader such as Barack Obama has the gusto to accept criticism for something as silly as his selfies and even something as vital as his stand of international matters is India even bigger than USA– in shunning such criticism as dissent?

Perhaps, we need to shuffle our thinking to a point wherein we accept leaders are human being instead of Gods. Sarcasm and irritation at such arrest and norms have been evident in such tweets. Super Fat Man ‏@geophyraj says, “Aajkal twitter par bus anti-Modi tweets RT karne aate hain, bilkul waise hi jaise barsaati mendak barsaat mein bahar ata ha.”

Some Twitter addicts however, stick to their action. वसीमहंटर‏@joke_sparrow tweets, “It gives me immense pleasure when people unfollow me for my anti RSS, BJP and Modi tweets. I am here to express, not to please you.” Mihir Sharma tweets, “”Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some anti-Modi tweets to delete.”

The recent action by Kerela police has shocked millions including Md Faizal ‏who tweeted, “Nine students arrested in kerela for publishing anti-Narendra modi puzzle in college magazine.”

Is this what our democracy calls freedom of expression? We wonder.

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