DNS- Domain Name Server Or Domain Name Shrotage

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Domain Name Server commonly used as DNS, a name given to internet domain, the concept of DNS or Domain Name Server is to provide a name to a given IP( not the address of your System), for example when you type www.google.com ( called the URL) then an equivalent IP is mapped to the url, this is called the Domain Name Mapping.

IP are classified as Class A,B,C,D,E according to IPv4, class A,B are used for commercial purpose, where as class C is used for public use, i.e. the one with, an IP is represented by a 32 bit address divided into 4,8-bits decimal number separated by dots(.).

With the fast use of internet now every thing is going online, may be shopping, billing, admissions, blogs adds etc so, there is a possible shortage of domain name given to the users by the vendor, and with this growing use of the internet and websites there is a possibility that these domain get filled up and user may not be able to get any fresh domain, however this condition is very far. I am not saying all this because I think, but because of my knowledge, being a computer engg. and my knowledge which states that a new version of IPv6 being introduced because of short of IP, which indicates that the use of IP are growing exponentially day per day.

What could be the outcome of such shortage, in time to come domain be well compared to precious possessions, like land, gold, stones etc, with growing use there may be a time that there is a domain shortage, or may be a domain which u want may not be available so you end up taking something you don’t like or buying it at a higher price, infact some persons are using this as a business, buying the domain and then selling it a higher price.

I guess this is a problem which might have no solution, for land now multi storied building are made to overcome land shortage, but with growing need there cannot be multi domain name given to a single IP, the only solution for this would be an introduction of Ipv7, or ipv8, thereby growing more internet traffic and risk the cyber security.

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